This book presents a series of anonymous interviews on the subject of guilt.

How aware are we of the factors that shape our experience with feelings of inadequacy? Usually, guilt can be seen as a necessary component of the mechanisms for the functioning of society and the individual. However, those functional boundaries are ambiguous and can be easily crossed by both institutions and individuals, feeding into a sense of inadequacy that can become paralyzing.

Could guilt’s grip on our conscience eventually be loosened and remodelled through the process of expressing it, investigating its origins, and reconsidering its legitimacy by our standards? This many other questions Spilled Guilt explores.


2nd edition

182 pp.
thread-sewn softcover
ISBN: 9783000730191
Width: 12,6 cm
Length: 20 cm
Language(s): English

Edited by Valeria Calderoni
Layout and Design by Benedikt Eiden
Illustrations by serena e. kippenbergen


Spilled Guilt (2nd edition)

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